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Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: A Spiral of Bliss Series (Books 1, 2, & 3) by Nina Lane

I recently had the opportunity to read the A Spiral of Bliss series by Nina Lane. Though these weren't my normal paranormal genre, the descriptions were interesting, so I decided "why not!" Three books later...and I haven't looked back - this series did not disappoint!

Arouse (Book 1)
In book 1, we're introduced to the poignant love story of Dean & Liv and their perfect marriage that is now on the road to falling apart.  Starting in the present, about a few years into their marriage, we learn who they are, and as the story continues, we learn their history through Liv's flashbacks.

At first, I thought the flashbacks were a bit confusing because there was no indication the time period was switching. One sentence we're in the here-and-now, next it's five years earlier but this could be because I read it on a Sony app and not an ereader.

Kelsey made the book! Her character and witty come backs

Nina lures you in and gets you hooked on Dean (oh, and Liv too) as they begin the trials and tribulations of marriage. Then BAM! A cliff hanger. Thank goodness book two was readily available!

I love how realistic Nina made Dean & Liv's marriage throughout the series: the arguments, the jealousy, the makeups,  and the separation. 

By book three you can't help but wonder how much more their marriage can withstand, or how fickle is Liv (I can leave you, but you can't leave me?!?).  Personally I was a little disappointed in the ending and how everything ended so quickly. Seemed almost anticlimactic or a typical "Hollywood ending"  

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