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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's talk co-workers...

First of all, I have been blessed with a job (not a career, those are highly overrated) where my co-workers go from one extreme to another. With today's economy, yes, having a job is a blessing! Not the change I voted for (but that's a different topic).

A female, who we'll call Mother Earth, is a freaking work whore! All she does is bitch (she makes me seem happy) about all the work she has and she can't get anything done. But whenever we try to get items off her plate, she throws a tantrum and says NO! She uses the excuse that it would take longer for her to train someone than it would for her to finish it herself.  So, our fearless leaders allow her to keep the work. In return she works 10/12 hour days, curses like a sailor, and yells at herself all day long.

On the other end of the "I love my job" spectrum, there's a male, who we'll call Useless, does absolutely NOTHING! Sorry, that was a bit harsh, he can do a few things, such as surf to the ends of the Internet, test the limits of his unlimited text message plan, and not shower!

So, as much I would love to talk co-workers, we can't...because Mother Earth is too busy and Useless is, well, he's useless!!

You'll know I'm dead when I stop bitching!

You'll also know I'm dead because my husband will be the happiest man alive!

I don't want to sound like a bitch (it just so happens that I do) but welcome to insanity! Where, on any given day, I will find something to talk about. Between being a wife, a mom to 5 kids & 3 dogs, and working full time, there is aways something going on that I can complain about :)